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Your Guide to Understanding
5-Day Breast Cancer Treatment

SAVI 5-Day Breast Cancer Treatment lets you get back to your family, your job and your favorite activities quicker than you ever imagined.

SAVI 5-Day Breast Cancer Treatment is a form of breast conservation therapy that enables eligible patients to receive breast cancer treatment for early-stage breast cancer in just five days rather than having to endure six weeks of whole breast radiation or a mastectomy.

SAVI Sisters is committed to spreading the word about 5-day therapy for breast cancer and breast cancer treatment choices. Five-day breast cancer treatment is also known as breast brachytherapy, partial breast radiation therapy or APBI (accelerated partial breast irradiation). Anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer knows that this is not a journey to be taken alone. We draw our strength from knowing we have choices in breast cancer therapy and by learning from the experiences of others.

Here, you can find a SAVI physician in your area, read stories from women who have had 5-day breast cancer treatment with SAVI and contact those women for information, guidance and support. As SAVI Sisters, we share how our experience with breast cancer not only affected us as individuals, but our family and friends alike.

After learning more about SAVI 5-day breast cancer treatment, you may even decide to become a SAVI Sister. That is, to share your story of what you learned from diagnosis to SAVI treatment to life after breast cancer, or to simply make a commitment to spread the word about the choices women have when it comes to breast cancer treatment.

Even if you do not become a SAVI Sister, or you are never diagnosed with breast cancer, feel free to spend some time here. Learn why more and more women and their doctors are choosing SAVI 5-day breast cancer treatment, and how this revolutionary 5-day therapy is changing people’s lives for the better.