SAVI Sister - Adriana D.

Adriana D.

Vancouver, WA
Treated with SAVI – November 2014


The results of my breast biopsy came the day after my sixty-third birthday. What a shock! I never imagined that particular bad news would be a part of my life story. But it was, and my husband and I were anxious to get on with the process, whatever that would turn out to be.

After the initial diagnosis of invasive ductile carcinoma, we were presented with an abundance of information and mostly good news about my cancer. From the breast navigator, Joan Wendel, to the surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Sunshine, and then to the radiation oncologist, Dr. Michael A. Myers, we were encouraged to explore the SAVI treatment. SAVI was an option for me because of the small size of the tumor and by finding it early we hoped it had not spread further. When all this proved true and I had clear nodes and margins, we thankfully chose this less time-consuming brachytherapy.

Less than two weeks after Dr. Sunshine removed the tumor, he performed the procedure to insert the SAVI applicator. Neither surgery caused me significant pain. I think the discomfort I felt at night was because of the need to sleep on my back or opposite side from the SAVI. Of course I missed taking showers each morning but sponge baths were a small price to pay for such a rapid solution to the radiation issue.

Dr. Myers’ team at the Cancer Center couldn’t have been more kind and compassionate. They were professional and precise, and that went a long way in relieving any anxiety I might have had. My husband and I understood each step we were going through and appreciated what this “dream team” of specialists did for us during treatment. There were a few bouts of fatigue that week, but that was a minor annoyance compared to completing radiation in five days rather than the longer, more traditional course of therapy.

Thanks to all who encouraged me to go with a simple lumpectomy followed by SAVI treatment. Now I have only a daily pill to remind me of how my sixty-third year started!