SAVI Sister - Aggie M.

Aggie M.

Transit Driver
Gladwin, Michigan
Treated with SAVI – December 2013

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I had my yearly mammogram at the Women’s Center for Health in Midland, Michigan at the end of September 2013. I was contacted a week later for a journey that was scary—and yet somehow my belief in my God gave me a peace that this was under control. After another mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy, it was discovered that I did indeed have cancer. Then Dr. Kelly Wirsing, my surgeon, very thoroughly went over my options. That is when the SAVI was introduced.

I was the first SAVI Sister in Midland—the first to have partial breast radiation with SAVI!

After the lumpectomy, the lymph nodes came out showing no cancer. Next, it was on to prevention of a return of cancer. After Dr. Wirsing inserted the SAVI catheter, which was very easy, I made the mistake of doing too much that day and had quite a bit of pain the first night. I also did not have a full support bra on which I discovered was important to keep the catheter from rubbing on my incision.

The radiation oncologist, Dr. Neil Mehta, and his awesome team did the 5-day, twice-a-day radiation. Aaron, the lead radiation therapist, was both humorous and kind through this and laughter is truly the best medicine. The treatment was basically pain free.

When the SAVI was removed, my breast had partially healed around catheter and it was a little tender. There was otherwise no problem. On the night of the removal I felt a little sore, but otherwise I felt relatively no pain. Because of this 5-day treatment, I returned to my normal life and this little bump in the road will remain behind me while I move forward.

I was back to work just 22 days after my breast surgery. Wonderful! I am part of the breast cancer survivor group! I never wanted this, but early detection and quick, thorough decisions have kept me here, cancer free! Thank You Jesus and that great team for letting me be SAVI Sister #1 in Midland, Michigan!