Ann B.

Resolution Specialist
Phoenix, AZ
Treated with SAVI – February 2013

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After years of normal results from my annual mammogram screenings, in December 2012 I was surprised to see that “potential abnormalities were detected” and was advised to get further testing. In January 2013 I had an ultrasound followed by needle biopsy, which confirmed early stage Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. It was small and slow growing. Dr. Forootan of Solis BenOra Mammography recommended Dr. Evani as the surgeon he would personally want to use.

I met with Dr. Evani (and three students) for nearly two hours the following week and was presented with a very thorough and detailed picture of options, assuring that at each step we would be guided by test results. I had complete confidence in the scenario and options he laid out for the steps ahead and had surgery on January 31st. On the following Monday, Dr. Evani inserted the SAVI applicator and sent me directly to the office of Dr. Jerry Lucas at Arizona Oncology for the first of my twice daily treatments. I had no ill effects from either the surgery, the SAVI applicator, or from the radiation that completed on February 8th. Amazing that this came and went in less than two months!

While all this was going on I took time off from work and spent considerable time online learning all I could. As I shared with friends and family, I learned of several family members who had experienced breast cancer and had other treatments. I’m so glad the timing was right and that I was a candidate for the SAVI applicator and brachytherapy targeted radiation treatments.

My attitude throughout was that this was just another thing that would be worked through and resolved. I am so thankful for medical technology and all the wonderful doctors and their staffs who have seen me through this process, providing excellent care and support. I shared my story on Facebook and was fully supported by words and cards. My colleagues at work even sent beautiful flowers to my home.