SAVI Sister - Ann L.

Ann L.

Retired School District Secretary
Anaheim Hills, CA
Treated with SAVI – September 2013

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Learning that I had breast cancer was from my yearly mammogram. My surgeon’s name was Dr. Robert McCoy in Fullerton. My radiation oncologist’s name was Dr. Young S. Lee. Those that gave me the radiation treatment were Huong and Julie, who were both very understanding and wonderful.

I had never heard about SAVI treatment. I choose this treatment because it was five days and I didn’t want to drive to Fullerton for 6-8 weeks! I had a good experience with SAVI. It was recommended to me by both Dr. McCoy and Dr. Lee.

My energy level was slow at first but I had no pain. I was a little scared, so I did look it up on the internet which helped a lot. I would highly recommend the SAVI treatment. It was a real journey for me since I have never had cancer but thank God for the doctors and staff and all those who helped me along the way.