Aurelia S.

Indianapolis, IN
Treated with SAVI – January 2012


I went in for a routine mamogram in November. The doctor saw something irregular on the film and she did a biopsy. I could not believe my ears when the doctor said, “It’s cancer.” My world fell apart for a minute, but then I remembered that it is a mighty God I serve. Dr. Patricia Kennedy at Indiana University North Hospital told me about the whole procedure and my options, and then told me I would only need to have radiation treatments. Looking at six weeks of radiation was really heavy on my heart. My next appointment was with Dr. Jennifer Zook, who told me I was a possible candidate for SAVI. Dr. Kennedy verified that with an ultrasound and said yes, we can put in the SAVI. Happy day!

With the implant in, off I went for treatments. Not knowing what to expect, I was so surprised at how easy the whole treatment was (including the placement and removal of the device). It was important to have targeted radiation because of my lung disease; I could not have the radiation touch my lungs. I was only a little tired after my five days, but a smile was on my face. This journey could have been long, but I was blessed that it was not. I had two really great doctors at IU. The big”C” is no longer a death sentence – it’s a temporary inconvenience.