SAVI Sister - Barbara M.

Barbara M.

Willowbrook, IL
Treated with SAVI – August 2013

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer was traumatic for me and translated into such a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions that I just couldn’t “get my feet on the ground”, so to speak.

My positive experience with the SAVI applicator and the entire radiation process gave me incredible peace of mind because it was both painless and seamless. I’m so grateful for the ease of the process and the outstanding oncology team who were at my side each minute.

My breast surgeon, who is gentle, lovely and extremely competent, was Dr. Michelle Kosik. She is located on the LaGrange Hospital complex, as well as in Hinsdale. She is highly respected in this area. She recommended my radiation oncologist, Dr. Anand Shah, who is with the Hinsdale Hospital Oncology Radiation Department. He works in tandem with another oncologist, Dr. Feinstein. I received the best of care in a comforting environment and their personalities are what made it all function so well.

I feel fortunate to have qualified for SAVI because I only had to have 1 week of treatment versus the lengthy alternatives. The applicator worked perfectly and caused me no discomfort. I knew it was there but that’s all. This is such a welcome development for women today and I am ever so grateful that it was made available to me. I’m on the road to recovery and have gained a great deal of peace of mind knowing I had such state-of-the-art technology to help me. Both SAVI company reps who were at all the steps along the way were just wonderful and answered 100% of any of my questions with great professionalism.

For those in my area, there is a complete cancer support center near me called the Wellness House in Hinsdale. They offer dozens of free services and activities from exercise to therapy to nutrition to current research and more for cancer patients and their families and caregivers. It is an elegant old home in an upscale residential neighborhood. It is an unbelievable treasure of a resource for anyone in this area. I am signed up for nutrition/cooking classes, massage therapy, Qi Gong, open gym and lectures. Maybe I’ll see you there!