SAVI Sister - Beth M.

Beth M.

Office Manager/Retreat Coordinator
St Louis, Missouri
Treated with SAVI – April 2015

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On Valentines Day, 2015, I found a lump in my breast. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. No family history on either side. I was devastated to say the least. With help from good friends and my family, I got my team from Washington University/Siteman Cancer Center and they were absolutely wonderful.

My surgeon, Dr. Julie Margenthaler was and is one of the best surgeons in St. Louis. She had the foresight to leave an opening in my breast area for a procedure I heard about called SAVI. My radiation oncologist, Dr. Maria Thomas, with her fabulous staff of nurses and doctors, implanted the SAVI device without any fanfare whatsoever. I had 5 days of radiation twice a day (7am and 2pm), Monday through Friday and had the implant taken out after my last treatment.

I never missed a day of work and had very little discomfort. The only thing I noticed was you are aware there is something foreign in your body, to which I quickly adapted. My side effects were minimal as well. I was tired, but went home after work and took a 1-hour nap and was good to go. The implant removal was just as good as it was going in.

The staff at Washington University/Siteman Center, St. Louis was exceptional. My life changed on that Valentine’s Day, but my life now is changed for the better. I would recommend SAVI brachytherapy to anyone that is able to receive this blessing as I did. Again, thank you to Dr. Julie Margenthaler, Dr. Maria Thomas and Dr. Ron Bose. I will be forever grateful to you all.