SAVI Sister - Brenda D.

Brenda D.

Midlothian, Texas
Treated with SAVI – December 2014

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In October of 2014, I had my yearly mammogram. The radiologist reviewed my mammogram and called me back for a redo on left breast. I redid the mammogram of left breast and the radiologist felt I needed a scan of the breast.
The scan was done and the next week I was called in for a biopsy of the cancerous cells.

My physician, Dr. Lori, took cells from each location and one of them came back as malignant. My surgeon, Dr. Valerie Gorman, removed the cancerous cell and surrounding tissue. Dr. Gorman suggested that I have radiation treatment with SAVI. I met with Dr. Kesha Harris-Henderson, the radiation oncologist, and started SAVI on December 8th. I was blessed to be among the women who qualify for the SAVI treatment and I became a SAVI Sister.