SAVI Sister - Candy L.

Candy L.

Novi, MI
Treated with SAVI – November 2014


I was on of the lucky ones to have my breast cancer discovered early. My ObGyn directed me to my surgeon, Dr. Pamela R. Benitez, who preformed the lumpectomy surgery. At the first visit, Dr. Benitez informed me of the SAVI 5-day radiation treatment. She felt I would possibly be an excellent candidate for this type of radiation but we wouldn’t know until after surgery. The day of the surgery all indications were good but we would need conformation after further tests conducted on the lymph nodes and removed tissue. It took a few days but she called on a Sunday evening to give me the good news. It was just 10 days after my surgery that I returned to her office for a post-op check and to have the SAVI device inserted into my breast.

Truthfully, it hurt when inserted and after it was inserted. Fortunately, the next day I went to the treatment center for CT scans and prep work before treatment could begin on Monday. At that visit, everyone was so very kind and treated me with dignity, which I was grateful. They were also able to adjust the device to make it much, much more comfortable.

My treatments went from Monday through Friday, twice a day, at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Things were very controlled and checked, double checked and triple checked. The treatment only took about 10 minutes each time, but setup took about 20 minutes. I walked around with wires sticking out of my breast until treatments are over and you cannot take a bath until the device is removed. So I kept telling myself “it’s only 5 days, you can do it!”

At my last treatment, my radiation oncologist, Dr. Frank A. Vicini, removed the pencil-size SAVI device. I recommend taking a pain pill before you go because there was no numbing for this procedure—yes, it hurt a bit on its way out—but once it was out, the pain subsided. We all celebrated with hugs, smiles and tears. My husband and I actually went out to eat to celebrate that evening. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to take advantage of the SAVI radiation treatment. Thank you, makers of SAVI, for your research, development and advancement in breast cancer treatment.