Carol B.

Sr. Administrative Manager
Houston, TX
Treated with SAVI – April 2012

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I was diagnosed in March 2012 with Stage 1 Grade 1 breast cancer, discovered on a routine mammogram. I was fortunate to be eligible for treatment with the SAVI catheter. From the time of diagnosis, through lumpectomy and five days of radiation, I missed minimal work and didn’t have the usual whole breast radiation side effects.

This is definitely the way to go! I was initially anxious, but with good support from my surgeon, Dr. Richard Ehlers, my radiation oncologist, Dr. Matthew Ballo, the physicist, nurses and therapists at MD Anderson Cancer Center, this has been as stress-free as it could possibly be. The surgeon numbed the skin when I had the catheter inserted, and I had minimal discomfort when the catheter was removed on Friday. I returned to work full time the following Monday!

Choosing SAVI over whole breast radiation was the right choice for me!