Catherine R.

Melbourne, FL
Treated with SAVI – July 2012

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At my yearly mammogram, I was sent for an ultrasound and my radiologist found something “suspicious.” So I was sent to TEPAS Healthcare and Breast Center in Melbourne. Even though no one felt anything in my breast there, I had a biopsy and found it was cancerous.

One of my first calls was to a friend of mine who had had a double mastectomy was a part of the Breast Friends organization. When I told her my doctor said I was a candidate for SAVI, she put me in touch with a member of Breast Friends named Lisa who had done the SAVI treatment, and she was wonderful. She was very in favor of the SAVI and answered all of my questions so I had no concerns and no surprises. She even texted me throughout my treatment which was great!

I felt very fortunate to have been a SAVI candidate. Dr. Imami at TEPAS put my SAVI in place after Dr. Gelman did my lumpectomy and biopsy. They were fabulous. All the staff were phenomenal. Throughout my treatments, Dr. Ravi Shankar, my radiation oncologist, was there every morning with a smile on his face, supporting me every step of the way. When he took it out, I didn’t even feel it. I was done in a week!

The hardest part was sleeping in a recliner, but there was no pain and it wasn’t uncomfortable having the device in my breast. Once I knew what to expect, I was fine with it. I would absolutely tell a friend or anyone that if she has a choice and she is a candidate, SAVI is the way to go.