Cathy M.

DOT Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
Portland, OR
Treated with SAVI – April 2011

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My tumor was found during my annual mammogram visit. Two days later I had a recheck, and was told I needed a biopsy. Luckily, I was able to have it the same day. Before the tumor sample even went to pathology, I remember the radiologist telling me this would be a minor bump in the road of my life. I knew then it was cancer; the pathology report just verified it. Two months later, I was past the bump, and moving on, thanks to SAVI.

Hearing others’ experiences with breast cancer treatment, I’m so grateful my surgeon, Dr. Mary K. Barnhart, MD, told me about SAVI. I could have elected the other 5-6 weeks of standard radiation, but the thought of having my body radiated daily bothered me tremendously. What a perfect answer SAVI was. I hope SAVI will be an answer for more and more women who are diagnosed early and have that instant fear of after-treatment, whether it is chemo, radiation, or both.

I would have never thought that having cancer would become a positive experience. Along with the SAVI reps and the compassionate group of medical professionals I was privileged to have taking care of me, SAVI truly did make this a minor inconvenience in my life. Though scary at first, it was also a learning experience of the human heart, and the amazement of today’s technology.