Rebecca Wall

Charlotte J.

Owner, Jewell Gardens
Skagway, AK
Treated with SAVI – April 2010

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I was overdue for a mammogram and found a lump during a breast self exam. Since I live in a small town in Alaska, I have to travel a fair distance for most medical care. I went to Seattle for my mammogram, and further tests confirmed that my tumor was malignant.

I own a gardening business, and in the springtime, my business is booming. I couldn’t fathom being away from home for six weeks of treatment, especially at such a critical time of year. My doctor mentioned SAVI as a possible treatment option for me. However, though the hospital in Seattle was looking into some shorter breast cancer treatment options, they did not yet offer SAVI.

Given my busy schedule, I was very intrigued by the prospect of only five days of treatment. I also liked that SAVI is less invasive and has fewer side effects than other options. I’m someone who doesn’t take an aspirin unless I absolutely need one – so SAVI seemed like a great option.

I went online to research the SAVI treatment, and ended up calling Cianna – the makers of SAVI – to see what hospitals did offer the treatment. Thankfully, I discovered that there was a SAVI facility located just ten minutes away from where my mother lives in Pennsylvania.

I arrived in Pennsylvania for treatment in April 2010, and the whole process went so smoothly. I’m so grateful that I was able to have SAVI because I was back home – and back to my gardening business – in no time.