Cheryl C.

West Chicago, IL
Treated with SAVI – May 2012

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It was October 2011 when I had my yearly mammogram in received a letter from my doctor requesting an ultra sound because they didn’t have a previous mammogram on file. But my fiancé was experiencing some health issues, so I put off getting the ultrasound until the following February.

Thank goodness I had the ultrasound when I did because they found I had Stage 1 breast cancer. After my lumpectomy in April 2012, I saw a wonderful physician, Dr. Christy Kesslering at Central Dupage Cancer Center in Warrenville, Illinois, who went over all my radiation options, including 6 weeks of whole breast radiation or 5 days of SAVI partial breast radiation. I had never heard of SAVI before, but I decided it would be the best treatment option for me.

The biggest benefit of SAVI for me was that I was able to go about my daily routine without any side effects, and I couldn’t believe that treatment was done in only 5 days. I was still able to continue my job search and do the gardening that I love. I didn’t have any pain during treatment, but it was a little uncomfortable trying to sleep. My energy level and appetite were lower than normal, but 1 week later I was feeling like myself again.

If I ever had a friend considering treatment with SAVI, I would definitely recommend it.