Cheryl P.

Kansas City, MO
Treated with SAVI – December 2009

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I had my annual mammogram in October of 2009 and then the nurse called and said that something looked a little suspicious. It was an agonizing three weeks of waiting until more tests were able to confirm what I feared- cancer. While I was waiting for the diagnosis I saw “The Doctors” about the SAVI. Once the diagnosis was confirmed, I was ready to go to California to have the SAVI. After a little research, I found Dr. Deanna Attai who was located near my sister in Burbank.

I flew out to California just a few weeks later. I was optimistic that the SAVI procedure would prevent me from having to go through weeks of radiation that would have exposed more than just the affected area. Dr. Attai and her staff immediately put me at ease. I was confident I would be fine in her hands. The whole team at Providence St. Joseph* where I had my radiation was absolutely wonderful.

Aside from a little discomfort for a few nights while I had the device in my breast, my overall experience was great. I tell everyone about it. My doctor was amazed at my success. I’m about to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel that I was able to have the SAVI procedure and get on with my life. Six months after I arrived home my daughter gave birth to my granddaughter and now I feel hopeful at seeing her grow up. My cancer was caught early.

*The Roy & Patricia Disney Cancer Center recently opened near the Providence St Joseph Medical Center.