SAVI Sister - Christine H.

Christine H.

Early Retirement from Illinois Public Health HIV Section
Myrtle Beach, SC
Treated with SAVI – September 2013

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I received my yearly mammogram and the doctor saw some calcifications in my left breast. He sent me to have a biopsy because of prior breast cancer in the right breast approximately five years ago. I think we were all caught off guard because I was on Tamoxifin for three years and now on Letrozol. Also there is breast cancer in my family. Four of five sisters have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had a surgical biopsy because of the location of the cancer in my breast, an MRI, then a lumpectomy. For radiation, I had the option of either SAVI (if I was a good candidate) or regular whole breast radiation. I had gone on the internet prior to my doctor visit and learned about SAVI, so I discussed that option with my doctors. My preference was SAVI because it was only one week compared to 6 weeks of treatment. Fortunately, I was a good candidate so SAVI won.

Both my surgeon, Dr. Angela Mislowsky with the Breast Health Center, and my radiation oncologist, Dr. Eric Aguero with Francis B Ford Cancer Treatment Center, were wonderful. I thank all of my treatment staff for being so helpful, uplifting and caring during my treatment.

I didn’t go to work during the 5 days of treatment because it was twice a day and the treatment center was an hour away. My energy level was okay during the first three days. After that I did get a little fatigue for about a week following treatment, but not enough to keep me from doing my daily routine or going to work. And I did not get that sunburn affect on my skin like whole breast radiation.

I would definitely recommend SAVI to a friend. It was well worth it. It is over in a week and you can continue on with life. I am now a SAVI Sister.