SAVI Sister - Christine M.

Christine M.

9-1-1 Dispatcher
Chicago, Illinois
Treated with SAVI – August 2014

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I went for my yearly mammogram in December, just as I do each year. Last December I was told there were some calcifications that popped up. Nothing to worry about, come back in 6 months.

In June 2014, I returned for a follow up mammogram on my left breast. I was immediately informed the calcifications had changed, and I needed a biopsy. I went for the biopsy 2 days later. The doctor who did it was great. He told me he thought he got them all out, but that I really shouldn’t worry much.

Two days later, my doctor called to tell me I had breast cancer. Stage 0 and grade 1. It was scary, but I realized I was extremely lucky.

Thirty days after my biopsy I had a lumpectomy. My surgeon, Dr. Mary Ahn told me I had clean margins. Ten days after that I got my SAVI put in. My radiation oncologist was Dr. Christy Kesslering. I didn’t know what to expect from the treatments, but I discovered it was pain free. I went through five days of radiation treatment and then spent some time healing.

I feel blessed, and grateful there are options such as SAVI to minimize the anxiety and disruption to my life.