Dana T.

Teacher/Master Woodworker
Terre Haute, IN
Treated with SAVI – October 2010

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Playing golf, running the Indianapolis mini-marathon, training for more races and riding my bike were my plans for the summer. But that all changed after a second mammogram on June 3, 2010, when I was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer.

Fortunately, my doctor told me I was a candidate for SAVI. I was ready to do it right away. A good friend of mine who had breast cancer went through 30 days of whole breast radiation. I watched what she had to go through, including radiation burns and getting pneumonia. So I said, “I’m doing SAVI!” The most frustrating part was that I had to go back for a total of three surgeries to make sure my margins were clear before my surgeon would let me start the radiation. But between surgeries I was able to play golf, run a few “Races for the Cure” and even rode my bike!

By the time I was ready to start my five days of radiation, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had a little discomfort throughout the week, but the treatment is so quick that it makes it all worth it. I didn’t really have any side effects. I was pretty tired after the first day of radiation, but the rest of the week I was fine. I spent the week of my treatment planning my training for future half-marathons, setting my strength training goals and writing my grocery list for a great, nutritious diet.

I only had to take five days off of work. I was back to teaching the following Monday and even walked two miles that night. The next weekend, I was back to running, playing golf and lifting weights. The best part about SAVI is that it allows you to put the situation behind you and move on as quickly as possible.