SAVI Sister - Darnella M.

Darnella M.

Retired Middle School Teacher
Goldsboro, NC
Treated with SAVI – April 2013

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I went in for a routine mammogram. I never thought that I would get anything more than a good report. A week after my mammogram, the nurse called. She wanted me to come in for a second mammogram. After completing my second mammogram, the radiologist team came in to speak with me. He gave me the results from the second mammogram. He found tiny abnormal cells. He called these cells micro-calcification. He suggested that I make an appointment for a biopsy. A week after my biopsy, a nurse called to tell me that I had breast cancer. I was in a state of disbelief. I knew of no one in my family who had breast cancer. This was the beginning of my journey. The nurse asked me if I wanted to come in and speak with her, so I did.

I ended up seeing Dr. Nizar Habal, a surgeon located in Greenville, NC. My radiation oncologist was Dr. Andrej v. Hnatov, also in Greenville. I had a great experience with these doctors. They talked to me about my treatment options, which were lumpectomy or mastectomy and external radiation or internal radiation with SAVI. SAVI was highly recommended, especially when my doctor determined that I was a good candidate for SAVI.

I’m so pleased that I chose SAVI. I did not notice a big change in my energy level during treatment. Having to be still for ten minutes during treatment was a little bit difficult, but not a problem.

I would absolutely recommend SAVI to anyone. I had a great team of doctors and support staff. A bonus for me was being able to stay at the Hope Lodge in Greenville, NC during my treatment at no cost. Meals were also free. It was great.