SAVI Sister - Debora O.

Debora O.

Wal-Mart Office Associate
Las Vegas, Nevada
Treated with SAVI – April 2015

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I would like to start by saying that I am truly grateful for Dr. Kashef, my medical oncologist, who was very insistent on me having yearly mammograms. Because of him, my cancer was caught very early. He sent me to Dr. Anne O’Neill who is a wonderful surgeon. She explained a 5-day radiation therapy to me called SAVI brachytherapy.

What I liked most about SAVI was the fact that it conserves my breast, so should the cancer return I would be able to have reconstructive surgery as well. Dr. David Pomerantz, my radiation oncologist, and his staff was very nice and took good care of me. I didn’t experience any side effects from the radiation. I still went to work throughout the treatment. The device was uncomfortable and the fact that I couldn’t take a shower was not fun, but I thank god for how far research and treatment have come.

We need to spread the word about treatment choices like SAVI. But we also need to emphasis early detection. Everyone needs to have a yearly mammogram! I will never complain again about a mammogram!