SAVI Sister - Denise B.

Denise B.

Physical Education Teacher
Palm Harbor, FL
Treated with SAVI – December 2014


I had done everything right my entire life, with 20 years of mammograms, nine years of breastfeeding our three beautiful children and no family history of cancer! I was taking no medications and in good health. But cancer got me.

I called my tumor—a 1.6 ductal carcinoma located 3pm inner wall—“Mr. Peanut.” The cancer was removed in a two-hour surgery with the best doctor, Dr. Kathleen Allen in Clearwater. Three days later, I had SAVI put in. I had my radiation treatments at Lykes Radiation Pavilion. It was an awesome treatment plan. I praised God that I was a candidate and felt no pain during the incision. I had my five days of treatments, twice a day. The device was a little uncomfortable at times because of where mine was located in the inner wall, but I was able to go on with my everyday life. I feel so blessed and thankful to have had SAVI and for the wonderful man I am married to for all his support. We both say ‘thank you’ to SAVI.