SAVI Sister - Denise M.

Denise M.

Insurance Agent
Decherd, TN
Treated with SAVI – June 2013

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I discovered a lump in my left breast and went immediately for my first-ever mammogram. I have always had a yearly physical, but never a mammogram. A true miracle from God, the 3 cm mass was benign, however the mammogram also found calcifications in my right breast. After biopsy, the calcifications were confirmed as DCIS, 3 mm low grade, and MRI confirmed no other findings.

The options given to me were a lumpectomy with 30-day radiation or 5-day SAVI radiation, or mastectomy with no radiation. The SAVI was highly recommended for my situation. My surgeon, Dr. Lisa White of St Thomas Medical Group in Murfreesboro was fantastic as was my radiation oncologist, Dr. Brian Lee of Tennessee Oncology.

For me, the biggest benefit of SAVI is that the treatment time is much faster. I was able to return to work immediately with no pain or discomfort. I really had no complaints during my treatments! I would most definitely recommend SAVI to anyone who was a candidate.

After this experience, I would encourage all women to have their yearly mammograms. I am 45 and had never had a mammogram. I had always heard they were painful, and I was just terrified to have it. This is all wrong. The mammogram is not bad at all! It saved my life!