SAVI Sister - Diane T.

Diane T.

Fort Bridger, WY
Treated with SAVI – September 2014

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I went in for my yearly mammogram and they found a spot as big as the tip of the nose on a penny. Then we went from there
. My surgeon’s name was Dr. Vanessa Hart
 and my radiation oncologist’s name was Dr. Thomas Skidmore. With these doctors, I had a great experience. They were wonderful. They explained everything to me in a way I could understand and showed me what the SAVI device looked like. SAVI was highly recommended

I was glad to have SAVI partial breast radiation instead of whole breast radiation even though I had never heard of SAVI. I’m so glad treatments only took one week instead of eight weeks. During my treatments, I was tired but comfortable. I was sore where they put the device in, but all in all I think it’s the best way to go if you are a candidate for it.