SAVI Sister - Donna K.

Donna K.

Bartlett, Illinois
Treated with SAVI – June 2014 and June 2015

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In June, 2014, I was diagnosed at 63 with DCI. My surgeon, Dr. Noemi Sigalove said I was a candidate for SAVI brachytherapy. I experienced no pain when the catheter was put in my right breast. We purchased a hand-held shower head, so I was able to shower everyday and I just covered my breast and the device with plastic.

Twice a day for 5 days was not hard at all. I slept okay, as the device only bothered me occasionally. The removal was very easy, with literally no pain. They put a single bandage on and I was done.

Almost exactly a year later, in June 2015, they found more cancer in the same breast! Dr. Christy Kesslering, my radiation oncologist and Dr. Dragana Tomic, my oncologist, suggested SAVI brachytherapy again. I couldn’t believe they found more cancer in my breast a year later, but I was happy I had the option to choose SAVI again. SAVI was a good experience for me.