SAVI Sister - Donna L.

Donna L.

Gaithersburg, Maryland
Treated with SAVI – July 2014

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer exactly three months to the day after my 42-year-old son died of colon cancer. The news was shocking to me and coming on the heels of my devastating loss, I was not sure I was prepared to deal with this news. However, after my surgeon, Dr. Glenn Sandler, performed my lumpectomy and got my path results back, he explained how I was a perfect candidate for SAVI. He placed it into my breast with almost no pain.

My radiation oncologist, Dr. Amar Rewari, then took over. The entire staff at his office, from the doctors, nurses and physicists to the therapists and admin, made the experience of coming twice a day for one week as pleasant as was possible. They always greeted me with smiles and positive energy. After my last day I felt great. It certainly beat going once a day for 4-6 weeks. I would recommend SAVI to anyone and would be happy to communicate with anyone should they have questions about it.