Dot F.

Pawleys Island, SC
Treated with SAVI – November 2012

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Luckily, my cancer was detected at a very early stage when it showed up during a routine mammogram.

I had some really outstanding doctors who have been very supportive. My radiation oncologist was Dr. Eric Aguero, and he outlined all of my options for treatment, ranging from a mastectomy to doing nothing at all. My surgeon was Dr. Brackett at Coastal Carolina Breast Center. He told me about the five-day radiation therapy option, but I learned the name of SAVI from a pamphlet given to me in the doctor’s office. His nurse Sabrina was particularly helpful to me during my visits. Then Sara, at Dr. Aguero’s office, was the one who applied my dressings during radiation treatment and made me feel more comfortable throughout my experience. Truly, all of the healthcare professionals who I came in contact with were excellent.

The best thing about SAVI is that the treatment is over in five days because the radiation is applied directly to the tumor site. If I had not been a candidate for SAVI, I would have had to do the six weeks of radiation, and that would have kept me from playing in my golf league and my bowling league, which I would have really missed. I was really glad I could get back to my regular activities much sooner.

During the SAVI treatments, I did feel a little more tired and felt chilled at times, but other than that I did not experience any complications. The removal was a little bit uncomfortable but that was it. I would certainly recommend SAVI to a friend.