Eve L.

Chandler, AZ
Treated with SAVI – February 2012

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In May 2011, I had a normal mammogram. Then in August 2011, I found a lump in my left breast. I had a mammogram and an ultrasound and they confirmed the lump. A biopsy the next day was positive for estrogen ductal cancer, as I had taken Premarin for 17 years after my hysterectomy.

My surgeon, Dr. Edgar Hernandez of Halsted Breast Clinic, recommended treatment with SAVI because I was a candidate and because of all the benefits. It only required five days of targeted radiation treatment to the part of the breast where the tumor was removed instead of six weeks of whole breast radiation treatment. I had never heard of SAVI before but I trust Dr. Hernandez and I liked the idea of only five days so it was not a difficult decision for me.

Both he and Dr. Olyejar, my Radiation Oncologist at Ironwood Cancer Center who works closely with Dr. Hernandez, were fabulous. I had a good experience with each of them and with their staff, including my nurse, Michelle Taylor and Melissa, Dr. Olyejar’s nurse assistant.

The biggest benefit of SAVI for me was the shortened radiation treatment and the fact that it only treats the area where the tumor was removed and not the healthy tissue that was unaffected by cancer. I would have missed travel opportunities and social events that were important to me if I had to endure six weeks of whole breast radiation treatment.

During my treatment, I felt no pain, only fatigue, and there were no complications throughout my entire SAVI experience. I would certainly recommend this option to a friend. In fact, I think this treatment option needs to be offered to women as routine when applicable for breast cancer. I know from friends that many doctors do not inform their patients of this treatment.