Gloria M.

Reporting Coordinator
Holly Hill, FL
Treated with SAVI – June 2012


After having three irregular mammograms, each six months apart, I was sent for a biopsy and an MRI. I was diagnosed with cancer and scheduled for my lumpectomy. The only option my surgeon, Dr. Caren Wilkie, suggested was SAVI because it was the best treatment for me.

I had never heard of SAVI, but I was very impressed by the technology as it was explained to me. Everyone that I told about it was as amazed as I was. A few of my sisters-in-laws looked it up on the internet with me and one of them, who works in a hospital in south Florida, asked some of the surgeons and oncologists about it. They were all in total agreement that SAVI was the right procedure for me based on my situation. So hearing that certainly made me feel like I was in good hands.

The two best things about SAVI are that it only takes five days and then you are done, and the fact that it exposes your body to the smallest amount of radiation. I can’t imagine how much of my life I would have missed out on had I had to go through six or seven weeks of whole breast radiation.

I experienced very little pain throughout my SAVI treatments, and just a small amount of emotional and physical discomfort carrying around a device in my body. But overall, there was not a big change in my energy level. I had a wonderful Radiation Oncologist named Dr. Charles Hechtman who made me feel comfortable and my nurse, Mary Kay, essentially held my hand throughout the entire experience. I would definitely recommend the SAVI to everyone I know who is able to have this type of treatment.