Gloria S.

Leesburg, FL
Treated with SAVI – December 2010

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 7, 2010. I saw an oncologist that same day, and my surgeon, Dr. Borys A. Mascarenhas, M.D. on December 8. They both talked about APBI and told me I might be a candidate. I had never heard of 5-day radiation therapy before – I had only heard horror stories about whole breast radiation – but when they first mentioned SAVI, I was totally for it. I just think that mentally, six weeks of radiation treatments would have been unbearable for me.

My whole life changed when I found out I was eligible for SAVI. What a marvelous device the SAVI is – the convenience of it is just a miracle. My radiation oncologist, Dr. Jeffrey Brabham, and his staff was terrific and made me feel at ease. After the device was inserted, it was a little uncomfortable when I slept but I had no pain whatsoever, not even when it was removed. Throughout my whole encounter with cancer, the only pain I ever experienced was during my needle biopsy. I was a little tired during my treatments, but I think that was more mental stress than anything else.

If I had to have cancer, I think I had the very best experience possible. SAVI was such a blessing. If I would have had to do six weeks of whole breast radiation, I wouldn’t have been able to go on my annual birthday cruise with my sister in January. But thanks to SAVI, I finished my treatment right after the holidays, had my stitches removed on January 5 and headed off to the Caribbean on January 16!