Gracie P.

Legal Secretary
La Jolla, CA
Treated with SAVI – December 2011

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I was diagnosed in November 2011 with ductal carcinoma in situ, Stage 0 Breast Cancer. They found it by comparing my 2011 mammogram results to my 2010 mammogram results. When they did the biopsy, they felt they probably got most of the cancer out but wanted me to go ahead with radiation therapy after the surgery just to be on the safe side.

Because of my cancer being a Stage 0, with no margins, I was a candidate for brachytherapy. My radiation oncologist, Dr. Ray Lin, was absolutely wonderful, as was my surgeon, Dr. Pamela Kurtzhals, and my medical oncologist, Dr. Melissa Torrey. They all gave me the percentage of the cancer returning and the option to have a mastectomy. No one ever sold me on this therapy. Having no history of breast cancer in my family, I opted for the brachytherapy.

It was wonderful being done in 5 days as opposed to 7 weeks of radiation every day. I also liked the fact that the radiation only went to the area where they found the cancer. The hardest part of the whole procedure was the surgery. The SAVI device that they insert for the treatment was a little uncomfortable at first, but it was manageable for the five days of the radiation. I am so lucky and blessed to have been able to choose the SAVI applicator. Thank you for this technology!