Hope M.

College Administrator
Phoenix, AZ
Treated with SAVI – July 2010

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When I was diagnosed, my doctor told me it was a good thing I had gone for my routine mammogram on time because it allowed them to catch it really early, which made me a good candidate for a new kind of radiation called brachytherapy.

I was excited to hear that, because I knew people who had traditional whole breast radiation and I was not looking forward to that. Their skin got very burned, they had a lot of pain and dryness and soreness, and they were just so exhausted by the time it was over. A former coworker who had had breast cancer told me she would have thought twice about doing radiation if she had known what was in store. So when my doctor offered me the option of SAVI, I jumped on it.

The treatment itself was so easy. My husband insisted on driving me to my appointments, so every day after my last treatment, we would go out and enjoy a late lunch. If I was a sole proprietor, I could have kept working during the treatments, but since I work in a large university with plenty of support and sick days, I took advantage of my time off work.

Everyone who was involved with my treatment was wonderful and helped make it go so smoothly – it really felt like we were a team all doing this together. My surgeon, Dr. Evani, was amazing. After I was diagnosed, he spent two hours with my husband and me, explaining how cancer develops, what type of cancer I had and the different treatment options that were available. And Dr. Robert Kuske, Dr. Farley Yang and the team at Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists were so supportive – they were so professional yet so warm, it felt like family.

I would recommend SAVI to anybody. If you’re eligible, I couldn’t imagine going through normal radiation if you have this option. It’s just a miracle.