How the SAVI Applicator Works

SAVI uses a bundle of tubes (catheters) to deliver radiation from inside the breast. It is inserted into the tumor cavity through a small incision in the breast. The catheters are expanded to fit the size and shape of the cavity, and a tiny radioactive seed is placed in each catheter. This allows every catheter to deliver an individual dose of radiation, so your physician can customize treatment just for you, regardless of the size, shape or location of your lumpectomy cavity.


Savi Placement

SAVI is gently inserted in a closed position through a small incision, either at the time of surgery or in your physician’s office.



The catheters are then expanded to conform to the shape of your cavity. The ends of the catheters remain outside the breast during treatment for the delivery of radiation. The SAVI device will remain in your breast during the entire course of treatment.

Radiation Delivery

radiation delivery

Once the device is inserted, you will go to your radiation oncologist to begin treatment, which is delivered twice a day for 5 days. The ends of the catheters are connected to a large machine, and a computerized system painlessly delivers a tiny radioactive seed into each catheter. The radiation source is completely removed after each treatment – no radiation remains in your body between treatments.



After your last radiation treatment, your physician will close the device and remove it through the same incision in which it was inserted.

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