Indika M.

Queen Creek, AZ
Treated with SAVI – August 2012

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I actually found the lump myself during a breast self-exam. It was difficult getting in to my primary for a referral for a mammogram, but when I finally did, they found I had Stage 2 breast cancer. A week later, I was in for my lumpectomy surgery.

I had researched to find Dr. Edgar Hernandez, my surgeon, who was fantastic. He took control of the situation and I felt I was in the best hands. He walked me through the treatment options but told me he would never recommend a mastectomy in my case. He said I was a good candidate for SAVI and I went with his recommendation even though I had not heard of this form of radiation therapy before.

Dr. Hernandez referred me to my radiation oncologist, Dr. Olyejar, who took wonderful care of me also. I so appreciated the way my doctors and their staffs treated me throughout the experience.

The best part was that SAVI was just five days and I was done. I was so glad to not have whole breast radiation because I had heard of people getting bad burns on their breasts from that and being so tired and limited in activity for six or seven weeks.

With my SAVI treatments, the insertion was no problem. I think my husband was squirming more than I was. I barely noticed anything for the first two days. Then the third day I took a nap. Other than that, I felt fine. I would do it again in a minute and recommend it to anyone who is lucky enough to be a candidate!