SAVI Sister - Jacquelyn A.

Jacquelyn A.

West Palm Beach, FL
Treated with SAVI – March 2014

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At my yearly mammogram they found a suspicious area. After a repeated mammogram and ultrasound, I had a biopsy that came back cancerous. An MRI showed it only in my right breast so I had surgery to remove the tumor. A week after surgery, the SAVI catheter was placed in my breast.

My surgeon’s name was Dr. Ashley Lankford and my radiation oncologist was Dr. Kishore K. Dass. My doctors recommended SAVI to me although I had never heard of it. The SAVI treatments were twice a day for five days, which was a huge benefit because it was over quickly.

During treatment, my energy level was lower than normal, but my comfort level was okay. The SAVI catheter is somewhat uncomfortable especially when trying to sleep as I’m not a back sleeper. But I would absolutely recommend SAVI to a friend if it was a recommendation or an option for them. I must say, the treatment of breast cancer has clearly advanced with this device.