Jan R.

Delray Beach, FL
Treated with SAVI – December 2010/January 2011

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I am a three and a half year lung cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2007 with a tumor on my lung. To be certain all of the tumor was taken, the doctors decided to remove the entire lung (right pneumonectomy).

When I “flunked” my annual mammogram in October 2010 and was told that I had cancer in my right breast, I was more than frightened. What if these two cancers were connected? I was assured by my surgeon, Dr. Donna Kleban, that they were not!

I had a lumpectomy on November 17 and another on December 8 to make certain all margins were clear. I was told that I had Stage 0 because it was caught so early. It had not formed into a tumor and I, therefore, would be eligible for the SAVI treatment!

I was referred to South Florida Radiation Oncology. My husband and I met with Dr. Ben Han and he put us at ease immediately. He not only showed us a short video but took the time to explain everything. We both felt great relief knowing that the radiation would only be going to the specific areas and not the entire breast. To know that my bronchial area would not be involved was a blessing in itself!

I felt the whole experience was painless. I actually had the SAVI applicator inserted for eight days due to a holiday weekend and I was very comfortable. The post op bra keeps it very snug. I was a little concerned about the removal of the catheter but it was absolutely painless! It felt like a drinking straw being pulled out!

The doctors are keeping watch on a “suspicious” area in my left breast. If that also turns out to be cancer, I will not hesitate to return to SFRO for the SAVI treatment. Just remember to have annual mammograms because early detection is your best friend!