SAVI Sister - Joanna D.

Joanna D.

Philadelphia, PA
Treated with SAVI – October 2012

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A routine mammogram found the tumor. I was offered external whole breast radiation or 5-day radiation with a balloon or SAVI. I knew I didn’t want whole breast radiation once I was told there was a chance of heart damage since my cancer was in my left breast. I was originally going to have the balloon but after the lumpectomy, the tumor cavity was too close to my skin to be safely treated with the balloon. So I was treated with SAVI.

The SAVI catheter was uncomfortable and I didn’t sleep well during treatment, but it wasn’t too bad for those 5 days. Insertion and removal were both painless.

My surgeon, Dr. Sun Yong Lee, and my radiation oncologist, Dr. Pramila Rani Anne, were both great. My therapy was done at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Everyone made my experience easier and less stressful. They were all wonderful.