SAVI Sister - JoAnne B.

JoAnne B.

Box Elder, South Dakota
Treated with SAVI – July 2015

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I have been a full time traveler for four years. We live in our motorhome. I was diagnosed with invasive ductual carcinoma in April 2015, while in Surprise, Arizona. We went to visit our daughter in Dallas, Texas and saw an oncologist there named Dr. Agarwal. My breast surgeon was Dr. Martin Koonsman and my radiation oncologist ended up being Dr. Arve Gillette.

After my surgery in June and learning I had clear margins and lymph nodes, I had the SAVI device placed. There was some pressure with placement, but the discomfort only lasted a few minutes. I had treatments Monday through Friday and then SAVI was removed.

I’m so glad I did had treatment with SAVI. My doctors and the Methodist hospital were great. I researched breast radiation and read all about SAVI brachytherapy. It was a good choice for me. The only downside for me was wearing a bra 24/7 but I found a very comfortable sports-type bra at Wal-Mart. The clasps are in the front and it is very soft and stretchy. The SAVI device was not painful, just a little uncomfortable when I was sleeping at night. But I felt good during treatment and had no side effects. Knowing what I know now, I would have treatment with SAVI again.