Rebecca Wall

Joanne C.

Retired insurance broker/stay-at-home mom
La Canada, CA
Treated with SAVI – April 2009

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I had gone to the same place for my annual mammogram for six years. Last year, something showed up on my mammogram, but my needle biopsy suggested that I was in the clear. About three months later, I felt something in the same spot where I had the needle biopsy. I immediately went in for a digital mammogram, which prompted another needle biopsy right away. After about a week, I learned that I had early stage breast cancer.

I was referred to a wonderful surgeon, Dr. Deanna Attai, who told me that my cancer was barely stage one, had not made its way outside of the duct, and was very slow-growing. When I left her office that day, I felt extremely lucky that my cancer was caught early, and very good about my prospects.

My cancer diagnosis came at an incredibly busy time for me. I was the Chairwoman of a huge fundraiser, was about to have my first grandchild, and had two weddings to attend.

When Dr. Attai mentioned that I would be a good candidate for SAVI, I liked the idea of the shorter treatment time and fewer side effects. I knew I wanted to use SAVI, but both my party dresses were sleeveless and given everything else I had going on, I assumed that having the SAVI device implanted in me would be a major inconvenience. But Dr. Attai reassured me that she could insert the device in a way that would not be noticeable and, while I might feel some fatigue from the treatment, I would be able to carry on my normal activities.

Much to my surprise, Dr. Attai was totally right! I went to the two weddings with the device in me, and it didn’t change my appearance in any way. The removal of the device was somewhat uncomfortable and I did feel fatigue, but otherwise I had no major side effects from the treatment. I had the SAVI device removed on a Friday, and my fundraising event went off without a hitch the next Wednesday.