SAVI Sister - Jodi P.

Jodi P.

Financial Advisor
Sacramento, CA
Treated with SAVI – June 2013

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It all started at my annual routine mammogram in May 2013. I went in and then received a call the next day to retake the mammogram and have an ultrasound. My initial thought was…I really do not have time for this! However, I went in and after all the exams were done, a doctor met with me and suggested I have a biopsy on the calcification cluster and two needle aspirations on the cysts. A few days later I was back in having this all done. The day after my biopsy, my doctor called to give me the news. The biopsy pathology report came back positive for cancer. I was shocked!

A good friend of mine recommended a breast surgeon, Dr. Scott Braley in Roseville, CA. Within a few days, I was meeting with him. A week later, I was in the OR having a partial mastectomy. The results of that came back with clear margins and I was off to vacation with my family! My surgeon stated that I was an excellent candidate for “brachytherapy,” which I had never heard of, so he recommended a radiation oncologist in the bay area named Dr. Rakesh Patel. Once I returned from vacation, I met with the radiation team and started scheduling this next step. After many hours of research between external radiation and brachytherapy, as well as talking to other radiation oncologists, I chose to become a SAVI SISTER!

Seven weeks after I got the news that I had cancer, I was having the SAVI inserted in the cavity and on my way to 5 days of 10 internal radiation treatments. My radiation team was amazing… so supportive, caring and always humorous! Considering what I was going through (never before had a surgery in my lifetime!), my radiation team helped make it all a pleasant experience. The day after my tenth treatment, I was back to my life as I know it!

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