Joyce C.

Sparks, NV
Treated with SAVI – August 2012

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After two irregular mammograms, I was told I could wait six months and repeat my mammogram or have a biopsy. I, of course, chose to wait six months. That is until my general doctor, Dr. Dennis Brown, who got my mammogram results called me to say, “No Joyce, you’re not waiting six months, you’re going to get the biopsy.” And thank goodness he did! Turns out I had early-stage breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ.

Following my lumpectomy, my wonderful surgeon, Dr. Brian Juell at Premiere Surgical Specialists, gave me two choices of treatment. Either a mastectomy or what he described as a very positive approach called the SAVI applicator for radiation that would take just five days, twice a day instead of six weeks, once a day. He said it was up to me and I said, “There is no discussion. I want the SAVI.”

The unknown is always scary, especially when it comes to cancer. But I was blown away by the fact that it didn’t hurt and took just five days. Whoever designed this or figured it out is just marvelous. From my surgery to the treatments, I experienced minimal pain and just a little energy loss. The way Dr. Juell inserted the SAVI was totally unobtrusive, so it didn’t bother me during the five days, and it was just as smooth coming out as it was going in. In fact, I couldn’t feel anything at all during the removal. It was wonderful. I even asked the radiation oncologist who removed my SAVI, Dr. Phyllis Ager, the partner of my radiation oncologist Dr. Daniel Weed at Renown Cancer Center, if I could keep my SAVI device. So I did, and I named it Grenelda!

I must say I have had the GREATEST group of people working to take care of me. I cannot express enough how wonderful they are. I have spoken with numerous friends about my SAVI experience and I flat tell them, if, God forbid, they ever have to face breast cancer, SAVI is the way to go if you can do it. It is just marvelous, I would swear by it.