Joyce D.

Sparks, NV
Treated with SAVI – March 2012

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Part of what made my experience with SAVI so pleasant was the excellent care I received starting with the day I found out I had breast cancer.

Until 2012, I had never had any problems. My mother lived to be 93 and never had an irregular mammogram in her life. But when I went in for my annual mammogram, my results were irregular. After an ultrasound and a biopsy, they called to tell me I had breast cancer.

Luckily, my nurse navigator at Renown Cancer Institute, Bobbi Gillis, got me in to see my surgeon the same day I found out. My surgeon, Dr. Devia of Premiere Surgical Specialists in Reno, explained that my tumor was very small and told me my options were whole breast radiation or SAVI. He recommended SAVI because it would be so much quicker and easier than six weeks of whole breast radiation. I had never heard of SAVI but I was glad I had the option for a five-day treatment.

After that it was a whirlwind. I had my lumpectomy on March 17 and my SAVI treatment the week after. The five days of treatment were pleasant for me with very little discomfort. My nurse, Bobbi, was a great comfort to me throughout the process, bringing me a special bra and a pillow for my seatbelt—she was very encouraging.

I was still able to do everything I would normally do during treatment. I even went to a fundraiser, I just bought a larger blouse and was able to go and enjoy myself. Just a couple weeks later my husband and I were still able to take a planned trip to Bodega Bay, California. I just had no idea everything could be handled so quickly and easily. It was over before I knew it.