Judie F.

Tacoma, WA
Treated with SAVI – January 2012

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My mother and both my aunts are breast cancer survivors, so I’ve always been good about getting my mammograms and checking my breasts. I wasn’t surprised when I received my diagnosis – for some reason, I always felt I might get breast cancer. My surgeon, Dr. Lynne Clark, tested me for the breast cancer gene, but I don’t have it. I could have had a mastectomy, but based on Dr. Clark’s advice, I chose a lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy.

I received my treatment at Tacoma Valley Radiation and Oncology Centers in January, and must say it was an experience I did not expect. I heard so many stories about radiation treatment that I was a little afraid, but the staff and doctors at Tacoma Valley were so compassionate and explained the SAVI treatment to me in a way a lay person could understand. It was a little scary at first when the device was put in my breast, but it didn’t hurt at all. While the device was in place, I was afraid it would move, but it didn’t. I had no problems with the radiation at all. My friend would drive me in the morning and I would drive myself in the afternoon. I got a little tired, but this might have been more from fear than from the radiation. I did all my normal volunteering during that week. The only thing I couldn’t do was work out, but walking was ok, so I did that.

Having my radiation over in just 5 days was really amazing. If think if I had 6 weeks of whole breast radiation, the impact on my body would have been much harder. I am so glad I had SAVI – I would recommend this treatment to anyone.