SAVI Sister - Judith G.

Judith G.

Retired Administrative Assistant
Julian, CA
Treated with SAVI – May 2009


I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in March 2009, had a lumpectomy and then a margin redo to get all cells and was told I would be a good candidate for the SAVI.

My experience was wonderful. My surgeon was Dr. Cheryl Olson at Scripps in La Jolla, CA and she is very, very good. My radiation oncologist was Dr. Jean Mefferd, also in La Jolla. Lisa, the rep from SAVI was there to see me through my treatments too. She even came to our Christian Ladies Annual Retreat in the mountains later that year to tell us all about the SAVI device and about breast cancer.

I am a BELIEVER and a PROMOTER of SAVI. I am so glad I found this website. I was telling a lady about the SAVI and referred her to the site for more information.

I was so glad to be part of the SAVI and I talk about it to anyone who will listen, posted pictures of the procedure on my Facebook page, and am honored to be included on your website as a SAVI Sister!