SAVI Sister - Karen G.

Karen G.

Murrells Inlet, SC
Treated with SAVI – May 2014

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I had gone to my OBGYN for a regular check-up and she requested a mammogram. It showed a small area of question. They asked me to wait six months and get another mammogram, and that’s when they decided it had changed—so then I had a sonogram. I was referred to Dr. Brackett who took a biopsy, then did my surgery. He referred me to Dr. Aguero, my radiation oncologist. I then had the catheter put in by Dr. Brackett. Radiation was twice a day for five days.

Most folks I talked to were not familiar with SAVI because you have to meet certain criteria to qualify for this method of treatment. I was told I might not be eligible in the very beginning so I knew I could be looking at much longer radiation treatment.

Hands down, the SAVI treatment was great! You only do one week and you are done, it is quick and painless! The catheter is a little uncomfortable at first but my treatments were very comfortable and the staff was outstanding! These people are very, very special in their profession! The staff at the Yawkey Medical Center and everyone involved with my care were the greatest! I was a little tired after 3 or 4 treatments but only for about an hour. I would definitely recommend SAVI to whoever is eligible for it.

I just want to say THANK YOU to all the researchers and personnel who have the knowledge to invent the SAVI! I spend two days a week with several cancer survivors and I had plenty of support so I am very fortunate! If anyone needs help on their journey I would surely be there for them, please feel free to reach out to me!

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