SAVI Sister - Karen O.

Karen O.

Business Systems Analyst /IT
Flagstaff, Arizona
Treated with SAVI – July 2015

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I am so lucky that I was eligible to have this treatment. Finding out that you have cancer is a very scary experience, but women should not have to suffer from it in this day and age. I am just about the biggest chicken out there when it comes to needles, surgeries and all of that. I can hardly give blood without getting light-headed!

My doctors recommended SAVI brachytherapy to me. I saw Dr. David Beyer at the Verde Valley Medical Center. When it came time to have this device placed for treatment, I will admit I was nervous. I think we always get nervous and worked up about things when we don’t know what to expect—but all of that worrying was for nothing! The device went in very quickly and I only felt some pushing and pulling sensations—no pain whatsoever!

The treatments themselves were very quick and also painless. You have to wear the device for the duration of the treatment, so you’ll have to figure out how to sleep, but after the first night, I was okay. I was able to go out and do (non-strenuous) things during treatment. I could have worked if necessary. I had a very minor red spot that showed up after a week or so, but it was nothing compared to what you would have with 7 weeks of radiation. Thank you SAVI!