SAVI Sister - Karen R.

Karen R.

Placentia, CA
Treated with SAVI – July 2014

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I had my annual mammogram and that was when the ultrasound was ordered—followed by the biopsy and diagnosis of breast cancer.

I completed the SAVI treatments at St Jude Breast Cancer Center in Fullerton, California. My surgeon was Dr. Robina Smith and my radiation oncologist was Dr. Young Lee. Dr. Lee told me about SAVI and recommended it since my mass was small, making me a good candidate. I chose SAVI because it was quicker than the traditional radiation treatments and would be beneficial to me as I’m still working part time and I volunteer at my local hospital.

The time passed quickly during my treatments but I’m very happy that part is behind me. I can honestly say it was not difficult to complete the treatments, as I was able to work and volunteer during my five treatment days, despite some discomfort with pressure and itching. The nurses and my doctors were wonderful, particularly staff members Julie, Hyung, and Jacqueline, all of whom helped me to accept what was happening to me and my breast.

I am so thankful.