SAVI Sister - Karen S.

Karen S.

Retired Mammographer
Roseburg, OR
Treated with SAVI – July 2013

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In my career, I started out as an X-ray technologist in 1976, then trained in Nuclear medicine and finally became a mammographer, until I retired in September 2013. It was quite an experience being a patient after being the caregiver all those years.

My cancer was found on a routine screening mammogram. The lump was very small and was confirmed solid on an ultrasound. It was very nice knowing the technicians and radiologists that were helping me. I had a very good experience with my physicians. My surgeon was Dr. Eric Soder and my radiation oncologist was Dr. Michael Brown. Dr. Brown highly recommended the SAVI device. In fact, SAVI was the only treatment recommended for me. He is a wonderful physician, very caring, very intelligent, stays on top of any concerns.

I was glad to have the SAVI treatment. Once we figured out the bandages, it was fine. The spacer and then the SAVI were in for two weeks. I did fine with the actual treatment and the removal. My energy was off and on for a while afterwards, but I have the Epstein-Barr virus so it was hard to pinpoint which thing was making me tired.

The only problem I had was the surgical site needing to be stitched closed and so it was tender to touch for a bit, but all of my follow-ups were clear. I was grateful to have had the SAVI as a treatment option. After all of the treatments that I have witnessed during my career, SAVI is a wonderful offering. My husband and I have started a Relay for Life team and are calling it the “SAVI Sisters” in an effort to raise awareness for SAVI!