Karla R.

Small Business Owner
Wheaton, IL
Treated with SAVI – January 2011

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I am the poster child for routine mammograms. I must say, I was beginning to doubt their importance when I was called back for a re-test in December. After an ultrasound, the radiologist said she couldn’t be sure but she thought I had breast cancer. I said, “Where do I go? What do I do now?”

She had already made an appointment for me to see a breast surgeon, who promptly did a biopsy. The result was Stage One invasive cancer. All my options were explained, and within a week I had the SAVI device inserted. The catheter was a little unwieldy on the outside, but it was only a little annoying. All of my medical staff was wonderful.

One month after surgery I am back to normal with the one exception that I cannot lift too much and should not do upper-body exercises. (But that would be the case with any radiation treatment.) I have to say that other than having no side effects, I am extremely grateful SAVI helped me avoid six weeks of treatment. I own my own business, I live alone with a dog that I must walk at least twice a day – I never would have been able to do six weeks of radiation. And although I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning, I’m very glad my doctors used the best options. Good luck to all of you!