SAVI Sister - Kathy W.

Kathy W.

SVP – Bank Loan Administration Manager
Kaysville, UT
Treated with SAVI – August 2014

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At the end of June 2014, I had a routine mammogram. Something suspicious showed up on my right breast and a radiologist was called in. He told me I would need a biopsy to verify what it was. Of course my anxiety was high, I had never had anything like this happen to me before. Four days later, at my biopsy, the doctor was very reassuring and told me I was not going to die from this but would definitely need treatment. When my test results came back, I met with my radiation oncologist Dr. Brandon Fisher at Gamma West. He seemed very optimistic, the mass was only 4mm and I was diagnosed with DCIS.
Dr. Fisher went over my options. If all went well and nothing had spread, he said I would be an excellent candidate for SAVI brachytherapy and explained the process of it only being twice a day for 5 days versus 6 weeks of external radiation. The choice would be up to me. I made my choice that day for SAVI.
Since my cancer was slow growing, my surgeon Dr. Glen Morrell waited a few weeks before doing surgery since I was pretty bruised up from my biopsy. In August I had a lumpectomy and four days later I got the news that my lymph nodes were clear. Dr. Fisher called and I started radiation one week later. I had no pain when the SAVI device was put in. The only thing that bothered me was that since I am pretty small and somewhat boney in the chest area I could feel where the implant was, but it was such a small inconvenience for the 5 days it was in there.

My treatments went smooth, no pain, and lasted less than 10 minutes. Removal was easy, and my recovery went well. I was never tired, I felt pretty good and it was back to life as usual. I would definitely recommend the SAVI. It is easy, quick and only lasts 5 days. I am grateful for my wonderful doctors and nurses who helped me through this time in my life.